Home Renovations Toronto

Custom home building, Toronto

Custom home building is exactly what it sounds like; Building your house or home addition from the ground up on your property. You build your house with the blueprints of your choice, be it out of a pre-made blueprint or by your own design with an architect. Once the blueprint is approved, you choose who you want to trust to build your house properly safely and to code. Reno Experts is the best home renovation contractor to choose because we work with you with design, materials and details, nothing is set aside and everything is accounted for even before construction begins.

We cover two types of custom home building:

– Full Custom home building: We work with you from the beginning process; we cover the blueprints, design and materials. We work with you and keep you updated with progress regularly and at any time you ask. We work on the exterior and interior as well, we let you decide on the flooring (tiles, wood, vinyl, carpet), wall colour, storage (cabinets, closet) and every other feature in your home, we work with you to find high quality products for the best price, and work with you

– Home Additions: Home additions are much like full custom homes, the only difference being that instead of building an entire house, it adds to the already existing home to make it larger, usually to accommodate more family members simply to own a larger home without having to move houses. Home additions don’t have to be a large undertaking either, a new room within the house or even a small addition to a room is considered a home addition. The process is the same with any home addition as it is the same with a full custom home, we work with you from the blueprint stages, cover all the materials needed and what you want to add.

So why buy a custom home rather than just have a pre-determined blueprint? The first large benefit is the customizable options, which are much more vast with a full custom home from Reno Experts. You choose everything right down to the finest detail and we’ll take care of the rest. Another benefit is you don’t need to worry about any home renovation for a much longer time; we work with you to give you everything you want in your home.

Each member of our team at Reno Experts has over 10 years of experience, and we use every last bit of our experience to help you achieve your desired home. We work with our customers to achieve a home of their standard and we always put our customer first. Call us or email us today for a free estimate!