Home Additions Toronto

Finished Custom Home Addition

Homeowners look to maximize living space and optimize the use of their home, it becomes the  reason why an extension to the home becomes necessary sometimes. Even an addition to the family might be a reason for a home addition. Whatever the reason, initiating home additions in Toronto is a common phenomenon that is seen nowadays.

It serves best to entrust the home additions work to experienced home renovations contractor. Such companies not only have the expertise, but also the technique and necessary equipment and professionals that make it possible for them to do a perfect job.

Renovation Experts is a company that will assist you in all remodeling or renovation work you want to do. Renovation Experts has been in the field for over a decade and understand the different needs of customers looking for home additions in Toronto.

What can you expect From Us?

We, at Renovation Experts, offer customized home addition as the need for each addition can vary. If your need is to accommodate aged parents or elderly citizens, then the addition might be done on the ground floor. If it is to generate an income by renting out space, we can help you to understand the different kinds of rentals that are in demand, and make the additions accordingly.

We also discuss the project thoroughly with you so that you know accurately what to expect at the end of the project, and so we know what you expect, so that there is complete satisfaction on both sides of a job well done.

Innovative Options on Home Additions:

A number of new and innovative options are provided for home improvements:

  • Today, in keeping with the ideology of going green, we offer additions that cater to, and make the home environmentally friendly with the proper green home additions Toronto.
  • Our commitment also extends to taking care of the health of the people living in these homes, with home additions being health friendly as well as “green.”
  • As part of the green project, we take care of the flooring, ventilation, high quality windows and doors, and the landscaping around the house.

If you have plans to extend your home and make additions to it, call us to help you make the right decisions and plan your renovation project with minimum disruption. You can contact us by phone or email,. You are welcome to browse through our gallery pages to get a comprehensive picture of our renovation services, and get a better understanding of what we can do for you.