Are you looking to renovate or replace your kitchen and/or bathroom, and want to give them that extra flare? your choice of counter-top is exactly what can do what you need it to. Along with providing work and storage space, counter-tops allow you to install extra cabinets or space to put supplies in either scenario.  Counter tops come in many different materials and styles, and the right style is perfect for making your kitchen or bathroom shine.


Counter-tops are a mandatory addition to any kitchen, they provide crucial workspace so you can use your kitchen for more than just storage. Counter-tops even allow the addition for floor cabinets that provide extra storage space.

Normally you can go for natural stone, such as: marble, quartz or granite;  wood, post-formed plastic laminate, wood edge/self edge laminate, crafted glass, or tiled. However, you should always keep your budget in mind as some materials are much more expensive than others. The wrong color of counter-top can also really set the room off, not allowing it to match properly with the rest of the household.


A well done and stylish bathroom is much more important to a household than you might think. The best part about bathroom counter-tops is that they can be custom fitted around virtually any surface. They make a statement as well as provide an additional workspace, which is great for a family or master bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation TorontoStainless steel counter-tops really shine in the bathroom, providing a waterproof, corrosion-resistant and durable surface. You may also like to use glass, which gives a striking modern look, but requires more maintenance. Granite and marble are another fantastic choice, even though they are usually more expensive than most other choices, it is the most durable and resistant to the elements. You should keep your budget and style choice in mind while designing a counter-top for your bathroom. Materials such as granite are long lasting, stain-resistant, manufactured quartz and give the impression of limestone, granite is more resistant but costly, whereas tiled bathrooms are always the favored ones for the economic bathroom set-up, whilst still providing a sleek look.

The kitchen and the bathroom are essential parts of the house that should never be ignored when it comes to style. Counter-top designs are the best way to make your home reflect you.