Completed basements have become the most sought after addition for anybody searching for new real-estate. They not only promote togetherness of the family but also help in entertaining guests as well. The basement of a house is an added advantage not only for storage but also to increase the aesthetic and monetary value of the house. A completed basement adds versatility to your household. Basements differ in size and layout, depending on the square footage and inhabitants of the household. Your basement should be modeled according to the people within. Here are a couple Basement floor planning ideas that you might want to consider.

For a Two-Member family

If there are only two members of your household including you, both of you are past the age of youth and on payroll; then a granite basement would be a great choice. A granite basement is easy to clean and maintain and it’s a very professional and stylish look. Limestone is also a great choice because it’s a very natural look that will also refract light for better lighting.

Basement  Renovation Ideas by Reno ExpertsFor a Household That Has Children

The type of flooring when dealing with children is crucial, especially young children, whom are prone to falling. It is a better choice to go for a wooden flooring, which has a lot more flexibility than tile or stone and will minimize injury in case your child falls.

For Households Where Elders are Present

This is again a situation where you don’t want the floor to be too hard as to avoid injury, however, the floor maybe tiled or wooden depending on circumstances. You should still keep in mind, however, who is going to be walking. Potentially slippery floors such as vinyl are not advisable, especially around the elderly.

For Households With Pets

A household with pets should have a basement floor that’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb dirt or fluids. Something like granite or marble would be the best option, whilst trying to stay away from something porous like wood.

Your basement in an important part of your house, it can add space and provide a relaxing and great space to entertain guests and have quality family time. Your basement should not only reflect your house, but your lifestyle as well.